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Mobile Security and Management

A world gone mobile raises a new set of questions.Our solution sets are designed to answer those questions so you can manage the mobility with your own set of security standards.

Mobile Security Platforms

Mobile Security Platforms

Enable your road warriors without exposing the business to excessive risk. Our Mobile Security Platforms help you empower your people while protecting what matters.

  • Protect your devices and the sensitive data on them
  • Make sure your policies and standards are followed
  • Manage the complexity with a single point of support
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Mobility Management Services

Mobility Management Services

Whether you supply the devices or your people bring their own, Sprint makes managing it all much easier. Our mobility management solution centralizes your view of the team, making it easier to manage as you mobilize.

  • Manage devices and ensure policy compliance from procurement and fulfillment through maintenance and replacement or retirement
  • A single, easy-to-use dashboard to monitor and analyze, billing, usage, and performance - and generate rich reports
  • A single point of contact for consulting, proactive updates and full support
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Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging

A near real-time communication platform that helps your people work faster and smarter while simplifying compliance.

  • Send safe and secure text instant messages and group messaging
  • Simplify adherence to compliance policies s while preserving essential data
  • Delete sensitive information in compliance with your policies
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Mobile Security and Management
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Field Force Management

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