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Fleet, Trailer and Asset Management

Providing you a bird's eye view of your assets in the field, our solutions help you optimize your fleet and asset movements, drive down costs, increase productivity, and improve efficiencies…all while improving the safety and security of your workers and valuable assets.

Local Fleet

Fleet Management

Leverage GPS tracking technology so that you always know where your vehicles are and how they are being driven.

  • Track your vehicles in real time
  • Reduce excessive idle time and personal use of vehicles
  • Coach for better, safer, more fuel efficient driving behavior with reports and alerts
  • Simplify and streamline regulatory compliance -- and reduce risk of fines
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Commercial Transportation

Trailer Management

Get the most out of the trailers in your fleet with state-of-the art telematics tracking solutions.

  • Maximize trailer utilization and Increase turns per trailer
  • Improve detention behavior to get trailers loaded and unloaded quickly
  • Increase turns per trailer
  • Reduce time spent looking for trailers and manual yard checks
  • Locate lost or stolen trailers quickly
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Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

If it matters, track it. Make sure it doesn't walk away from a job site. Monitor temperature to eliminate spoilage. Whatever "it" is, our asset tracking solutions let you watch over it from virtually wherever you are.

  • Always know the location of assets
  • Receive alerts when cargo moves unexpectedly
  • Ensure you are efficiently using what you have
  • Find it quickly if it's lost or stolen
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Fleet, Trailer and Asset Management
New Ideas
Sprint Connected Fleet

Sprint Connected Fleet

If it has wheels, it's moving. Keep your vehicles safe, on- track and reduce costs.

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Cargo Theft

What you should know about cargo theft

The impact of cargo theft goes well beyond the expense of replacing original goods.

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If it moves, track it ebook

If it moves, track it ebook


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