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Sprint Mobility Management (SM)

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Wireless devices are everywhere in business today. In fact, there are approximately 50 million mobile business subscribers in the United States. 1

How does an enterprise manage, track and control the proliferation of wireless devices within the enterprise? According to the research firm Gartner, the number one management struggle for more than 75% of enterprises is mobile technology. 2

Businesses can greatly benefit from implementing a mobility solution to address the challenges of managing a mobile workforce. Sprint Mobility Management solves this challenge with a suite of managed services which provides companies the visibility and control to remotely manage billing and wireless devices within the enterprise

Even though more and more companies are getting serious about wireless management and security, many industry analysts are predicting that wireless will become the biggest management and security issue for IT departments. Sprint Mobility ManagementSM is here to help companies begin managing business-grade wireless solutions, including security, more efficiently and with a heightened sense of urgency. As high-speed wireless networks become more widespread and mobile applications become more sophisticated, companies will need to treat device security as seriously as they do laptop security.

With Sprint Mobility Management customers have full control and security for their mobile devices, allowing companies to reduce costs, increase business productivity, and mitigate risk.

Overall aspects of Sprint Mobility Management include:

Device Management

Offers businesses the ability to manage and extend their current IT policy and administration controls to the mobile devices throughout their enterprise while securing sensitive data on the device. Device Management enables businesses to:

  • Manage devices from multiple carriers
  • Mitigate risk by securing remote devices

Billing Management

Offers a web-based portal that provides a robust, easy-to-use system to manage, organize and gain insight to employees mobile communications.Billing Management enables businesses to:

  • Control wireless spend
  • Increase Productivity by easier management of devices.
  • Customer Care

At Sprint, we provide multiple levels of management support allowing you to define exactly how much control you have over your mobile environment.

1. Increasing and Improving Productivity with Wireless Technologies – Yankee Group, March 14, 2005 .

2. “Control Costs and Boost ROI for Wireless Networks,” P. Redman , - Gartner, April 21, 2004

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