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Basic Call Center Toll-Free Services

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Let your customers call you free of charge. With Sprint Basic Toll-free(SM) Service, you serve and respond to customers more effectively and at the same time, manage customer calls more efficiently. The bottom line: with Sprint Basic Toll-free Service, you can handle and satisfy more customers.

Call-handling features

Basic toll-free service provides the handling options you need to effectively receive and manage incoming traffic.

Features include:

  • Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) — Identify which toll-free number your caller dialed. With that information, your representatives can answer the call with a personalized greeting.
  • Real-time Automatic Number Identification (ANI) — Better known as Caller ID, ANI provides the caller's telephone number so your representative can easily pull up customer-specific information from your database. Handle more calls every day. Look-ups with ANI typically shortens each call by 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Route Advance — Direct overflow calls to another dedicated circuit (On-Net Route Advance) or to local lines (Off-Net Route Advance). Even on the busiest calling days, your callers get the attention they deserve.
  • Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) — Move excessive call traffic on your business lines to a toll-free trunk group. Track calls to each circuit and reallocate them evenly among your representatives.
  • Shared Location Service — When business spikes, direct overflow toll-free calls to other locations to help handle the volume. It also serves as a disaster recovery solution when companies need a backup site to respond to calls.
  • Multi-carrier Routing — Manage and coordinate multiple carriers through a single point of contact. Allocate calls to carriers by percentages you set, or based on location, time of day, day of week, and day of year.

Call screening features

Sprint extended call screening functions give you information to recognize incoming callers and simplify administration.

Features include:

  • Information Digit Control — Block calls based on the type of phone your caller uses. Ideal for controlling payphone surcharges.
  • Area Code Control — Offer customers in your geographic market a toll-free number. Screening calls from outside your service area enables you to better manage costs.
  • Area Code/Exchange Control — Go beyond Area Code Control to more accurately pinpoint the call's origin. Use the power of Area Code/Exchange Control to provide toll-free calling to your customers if your geographic market does not support all exchanges within an area code.
  • Time of Day — Limit toll-free calls to hours of operation.
  • Day of Week — Greet toll-free callers with a recorded announcement on the days your call center is closed.
  • Day of Year — Based on the days you specify, greet toll-free callers with a recorded announcement when your location is closed for a holiday.

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