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All Calls All Day(SM)

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Great Rates With Sprint Business Flex with All Calls All Day

Sign up with Sprint and get special, low flat rates on all domestic calls.* Use the tables below to see how much you could save.

Domestic Rates

  States Rate per minute
Interstate All U.S. States $0.075
(In-State/Non-Local Toll)
Choose a state:
(Local Toll)

International Rates

Country Rate per minute

*Direct dial calling only. Non-term customers who do not bill $50 or more in long distance usage are charged a $12 service fee (excludes taxes, fees, surcharges and operator services). In-state rates may be higher. International rates vary and surcharges may apply (including surcharges on calls made to foreign mobile phones). Call 1-800-370-6105 for rates. Dial one service not available in Alaska. Additional in-state fees may apply. Carrier property tax and Carrier Universal Service charge apply. Operator-assisted calls and toll-free/calling card calls made from U.S. pay phones are assessed a surcharge. U.S. business customers and commercial use only. All rates subject to change. Restrictions apply, see rates, terms and conditions at

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