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Sprint Business Mobility Framework(SM)

Enterprise Mobile Data Solutions

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Today, modern business means mobile business. Connecting a mobile enterprise with a decentralized staff brings about new complications. Deploy mobility, and deploy it right. Sprint Business Mobility Framework(SM) delivers total access connectivity that extends enterprise applications to mobile workers, and enriches those applications with valuable network information.

Certain business environments demand Sprint Business Mobility Framework. For example:

  • If your business has a high number of field workers and real-time knowledge of precise mobile workforce location improves processes
  • If your business is interested in enhancing applications with the ability to track, direct and message with the mobile workforce
  • If your business has rolled out or plans to roll out mobile applications that require a large amount of wireless data information be shared with the mobile workforce

Then you may require better access to network information such as location based services, real-time messaging, presence and geographic notifications and wireless data exchange. Depending on your business type, you can even choose from our pre-certified applications for Field Service Automation, Fleet Management, Field Force Management, Asset Management & Tracking, and Application Developer for simple, seamless integration.

Meets the following requirements:

Location/Status—Determine the exact latitude/longitude of a mobile device (employee assigned or otherwise) at a specific point in time or under pre-assigned parameters (geo-fencing); determine if a device is on or off.

Track—Track and manage mobile employees, vehicles or inventory.

Direct—Enable mobile employees to receive visual or audible, detailed driving directions and maps.

Message—Send mobile employees an SMS or voice message at a specific point in time or under pre-assigned parameters (alerts) within the enterprise application. Voice messages can be sent to any valid phone number

Information Share—Share Third Party Application data with mobile employees using Sprint PCS Vision.

Sprint is the only mobility enhancement provider that completely integrates location, presence, and messaging technology using a Parlay X Web Services standard interface that’s carrier-agnostic. That means there is no requirement for third-party integration so you are up and running sooner at a lower cost. Sprint application development tools are pre-integrated and pre-tested with industry-leading middleware—enabling companies to extend applications to mobile devices such as PDAs for real-time collaboration with a low financial commitment. Accelerate time to market and ensure deployment success.

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