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941 Area Code MapSouth Central Florida Has A New Area Code:

Permissive dialing period begins September 20

Florida’s 941 area code is rapidly running out of available numbers and is adding another area code – 863. Effective Sept. 20, 1999 the new area code for seven counties in South Central Florida will be 863.

To help you become familiar with the new area code, a transition, or permissive dialing period will last from Sept. 20, 1999, to May 22, 2000, when dialing the new area code will become mandatory for calls requiring the dialing of an area code.

To accommodate the new area code, you may need to reprogram telecommunications equipment like speed dialers, fax machines, PBXs – virtually anything that dials numbers automatically (consult your equipment vendor if you’re not sure). Start practicing the new area code now so when May rolls around, it will be second nature.

To see a list of three-digit telephone prefixes that will change from 941 to 863, click here.

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