How to Host Your Own Internet Safety Session

Expert advice from the NEA-HIN.

If you're interested in creating a conversation or presentation about Internet safety, the National Education Association-Health Information Network (NEA-HIN) offers this advice:

1. Choose important topics to address. Whether it's sexting, stalking, sharing too much information, social networking or something else, choose a topic that students, teachers or parents are passionate about. It's probably best to choose only one topic for your first session. Make sure the topic is one that the audience is familiar with and is comfortable discussing in public.

2. Decide on your target audience. The topic you discuss can also help you choose your target audience, such as students, parents, teachers, school administrators, or community leaders. If your topic is about cyberbullying, the audience may be very broad, but if your topic is consumer safety or precautions for sharing personal information online, your audience may only consist of high school juniors, seniors and parents. An important question to consider is who can benefit from the discussion.

3. Determine the style of your session. These may include open forums, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, group activities or all of the above. Once you know your target audience, determine how you want to conduct your session. If you have a small group, having an open forum may work well. If you have invited an expert to attend, a panel discussion or question-and-answer session is very beneficial. Depending on how long your session will be, say, a full day versus two hours, you may be able to incorporate various presentation styles.

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