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The wireless phone is the number-one tool teens use to communicate. With schools banning wireless-phone
use during class time and family dinners interrupted by texts, families are looking for solutions to help teens
use their phones responsibly. Sprint provides a suite of services to help parents stay connect to their children and help protect their physical and virtual safety.

These services include:

Sprint WeGo

Sprint WeGo

Sprint WeGo is an affordable first phone for kids that features easy-to-use technology. With just one button and a friendly, intuitive screen, it's easy for kids to operate and the parental controls and extensive tracking functionality are easy for parents to set up and use. Sprint WeGo offers numerous safety features that gives parents peace of mind while teaching kids responsibility - allowing them to call and text preselected individuals - all at just $15/month. A portal available online and via a mobile application allows parents to locate their child on a map, control device features such as contacts and set up notifications (including SMS read receipt, panic alarm pulled, speed alert, wake alert and more). For more information visit

Sprint Family Locator

Sprint Family Locator

Sprint Family Locator is a location-based service that uses Sprint's state-of-the-art GPS technology to enable a parent to use a phone or PC to locate a child's phone on a map. The service also gives the address, surrounding landmarks and accuracy of the phone's location within a specified radius. Parents can also set up safety checks that alert them if their child is not at a designated location at a specific time. Sprint Family Locator costs $5 per month to locate up to four phones. For more information and to register, visit

Sprint Drive First

Sprint Family Locator

Sprint Drive First is a free application that automatically locks a mobile phone when a car is moving more than 10 mph, disabling phone functionality, directing incoming calls to voice mail and silencing distracting alerts for emails and text messages. Anyone texting the driver will receive an automated message indicating the person they texted is driving. A locked device displays a home screen with exit and emergency-911 buttons to override the app. Sprint Drive First can be overridden if the user is a passenger in a car, on a bus or train, but the parent or account holder can choose to receive notifications when the service is overridden. For more information and to register, visit

Sprint Mobile Controls

Sprint Mobile Controls allows parents to see rich graphical representations of how their family calls, texts and uses applications, as well as lock phones remotely at specific times. Sprint Mobile Controls is available on many Sprint smartphones for $4.99 per month per line and includes a 15-day free trial. To learn more or sign up for service, visit

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