'Be a STAR' Campaign

Help students learn tolerance with these anti-bullying resources.

In partnership with the Be A STAR Anti-bullying Campaign, the National Education Association-Health
Information Network is proud to introduce a new teaching resource for educators.

The compelling new film, "That's What I Am," touches on the growing national problem of bullying in schools. Staring Academy Award-nominated actor Ed Harris, "That's What I Am" presents a thought-provoking exploration of the insidious ways bullying can affect people of all ages.

"The film is really about tolerance and kindness and understanding and respecting differences," Harris says. "It's kind of an anti-bullying movie, which is maybe not a bad message for these days."

The instructional activities presented in this resource guide help teach your students about bullying, cyberbullying, character pillars and social equality. Through self-reflection about the positive examples of moral character represented in the movie, students can begin to develop the necessary tools to prevent bullying.

The program features resource for educators that can easily be incorporated into an existing curriculum:

  • Free downloadable clips of "That's What I Am" for classroom use.
  • Free Educational Resource Guide with a film synopsis, classroom lessons and resources section.
  • Nine cross-referenced learning themes with instructional activities and student activity sheets.
  • "That's What I Am" Reflective Journal.
  • Suggested interdisciplinary anti-bullying unit framework that's tied to National Education Standards for language arts, social studies, and health for grades six trough eight.

To access this complimentary program, go to the Be A STAR site.

For more information from the NEA-HIN, go to

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