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Sprint Transformation
Customer-Centric Structure
Sprint transformed the entire organization in 2003, shifting from a historic product-focused approach to the market to a customer-centric approach focused squarely on the specific needs of businesses and residential consumers.

Now organized into Sprint Business Solutions, Sprint Consumer Solutions and Sprint Local Telecommunications Division, the transformation delivers numerous advantages – allowing us to grow share of wallet; to focus sales, marketing and customer service efforts; to deploy bundles and integrated services with better economies; to improve network, product and back office integration; and to present our capabilities to the customer with one Sprint face.

Customers today want an integrated experience, one that promises access to voice and data anytime, anywhere – seamlessly from home, office and everywhere in between. Sprint has always had the assets in place – a nationwide PCS wireless network, global IP, voice and data networks and local infrastructure – to deliver this experience. Now, we also have the structure in place to more effectively and efficiently use our unique portfolio of services to win in a highly competitive market.

Fig. 1 – Corporate Structure (old vs. new)
Product Centric   Customer Centric
Expected Benefits

–  Faster decision making
–  Innovation
–  Lower cost
–  Increased employee productivity
–  Competitive differentiation

–  Improved revenue performance
–  Reduced costs
–  Profitable growth
–  Greater share of customer wallet
–  Increased customer loyalty
–  Strong and energized brand
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