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Sprint published a formal Corporate Responsibility (CR) report in late 2007. After observing the significant shift from traditional media sources to online communications, reviewing the growing body of evidence requiring more "on demand" communication vehicles, and conferring with sustainability-reporting experts on emerging reporting trends, Sprint embraced Web-based disclosure instead of traditional CR reports for future reporting needs. Starting in 2010, Sprint has completed a web-based annual performance summary, a performance scorecard, an interactive GRI index, and detailed content to share its policies, practices, progress and challenges. The goal is to ensure that analysts, investors, customers, employees and other Sprint stakeholders can easily find the information they need to understand Sprint's CR interests and performance. Sprint expects to release the annual summary information by October each year, but plans to update the website frequently as progress is made in key areas and new challenges are encountered.

Content Selection

The CR team selects the content for each year's reporting cycle. Much of the content is guided by Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting requirements and the GRI Telecom Supplement. Sprint intends to adapt its interactive GRI index to the latest version of the GRI whenever possible. Sprint's 2012 GRI index uses GRI version, G3.1. Additional content may be added if it addresses a material issue in which Sprint stakeholders may have an interest that is not currently addressed as fully by GRI reporting standards or if Sprint believes the content will advance stakeholder understanding of Sprint's CR efforts or challenges.

Links to the Performance Summary Reports are provided below. The company's 2012 CR performance results and progress to date in 2013 are provided throughout this website.

2012 Performance Summary

2011 Performance Summary

2010 Performance Summary