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Performance Against 2012 Objectives


Each year, Sprint's centralized Corporate Responsibility team creates a specific set of CR objectives for the organization. The objectives incorporate our business goals, stakeholder feedback, sustainability targets and operating priorities, and are actions we believe will have the greatest impact on our business results, environmental impact and impact on society during that year. In this section we provide a summary of our 2012 objectives and our performance against each.

Corporate Responsibility Governance
Formalize the responsibility of the Sprint Board of Directors in overseeing Sprint's CR efforts As of July 2012, the Board's Nominating and Governance Committee includes oversight of CR within its charter. The CR organization now provides regular reviews of Sprint's CR activities to the Committee. achieved
Intensify and expand our stakeholder engagement efforts across the breadth of our CR priorities Sprint convened an in-person CR stakeholder panel at its Overland Park, Kan. Headquarters in May 2012. The productive meeting took place over a day and half with nearly every senior Sprint executive participating in some fashion. A summary of stakeholder feedback and Sprint's response can be found here. Sprint also established new stakeholder relationships in several key areas including domestic violence, accessibility for the disabled and elderly, privacy, safety and security, renewable energy, water management and responsible lead acid battery management. partial
Performance linkage We developed a plan, including revised and expanded CR Operating Priorities and reviewed it with our Leadership Committee and Stakeholder Panel; but were challenged by our Steering Committee to further expand the scope of our CR efforts. The metrics will mirror the new plan, which is yet to be approved. partial
Reporting and Engagement
Complete a self-reported "A" interactive index for the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and verify through GRI Sprint is proud to be the first U.S. telecom company to deliver an "A+" Corporate Responsibility Performance Report – verified by Global Reporting Initiative (Nov. 2012). The A+ rating reflects Sprint's commitment to transparency as well as the quality and breadth of our Corporate Responsibility (CR) reporting. achieved
Complete a submission to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Sprint completed its second full submission for the Dow Jones Sustainability Index review and was pleased that not only did our score improve, but once again we were selected as the North American Sector leader. achieved
Assure GHG emissions and water to the AA1000 standard Sprint was the first U.S.-based mobile communications company to complete external GHG assurance last year, and this year was the first to externally assure its water use. achieved
Implement a CR Data Management System Sprint selected Credit 360 for its CR data management system. The contract was executed at the end of March 2012. Implementation started, but was not completed by the end of the year. partial
CR Performance
Assess Sprint's Environmental Management System (EMS) for conformance to ISO 14001, and then eliminate any gaps Sprint worked with external ISO 14001 experts to complete a full assessment of its EMS. The read out occurred mid-year with several process and documentation gaps identified. Sprint worked to close those gaps, but the necessary documentation will not be fully completed until 2013. partial
Identify cost neutral renewable energy power purchase agreements (PPA) to help Sprint achieve its renewable energy target by 2017 This objective has been more challenging that we expected. Despite submitting an RFP and reviewing many opportunities, none met our financial requirements nor could they be easily compared to one another. To meet our renewable energy expectations for 2013, we purchased replacement and additional Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). We also lobbied for the extension of the Production Tax Credit (PTC) for wind, which we believed was essential to good wind PPA opportunities for 2013 and 2014 not achieved
Complete a SWOT assessment for Sprint in the blind/visually impaired as well as the aging market. Establish solid stakeholder relationships and develop a product roadmap for both markets. We developed strong relationships with several stakeholders – American Federation for the Blind, American Council for the Blind, Alphapointe, Kansas City School for the Blind, and others. We launched accessibility features for Android devices (Code factory), developed and launched Sprint ID packs targeting the disabled community, and also developed and launched new handsets for the visually impaired as well as the aging market. Our work in this area was one of our most significant achievements during 2012. achieved
Expand our Scope 3 GHG emissions assessment – measure and report additional categories and get assurance for several categories as well. For our 2012 CDP submission, we assessed 8 of the 12 categories that are relevant to us (3 more than last year) and had 3 externally assured – the most reported and assured within the US in our industry. achieved
Supplier Development – identify top suppliers that do not meet our criteria, and identify common road blocks. Develop a plan to improve their CR capacity so they are able to meet our criteria. We completed our baseline assessment in 2011 and our second assessment in 2012. Our results improved from 59% in 2011 to 78% in 2012. A significant portion of this improvement was the result of authentic engagement with suppliers not meeting our criteria. We determined that the 2 criteria that were holding most suppliers back were the materiality assessment and GHG emissions measurement. We pointed them to available public resources, which helped some achieve our criteria, but others found the resources confusing. We decided to develop a guidebook that made these challenging tasks more achievable without significant incremental investment. achieved
Inclusion and Diversity – Establish OID Governance structure, Diversity Council (DC) operations and management alignment for I&D efforts company-wide We launched a new Diversity Council (DC) made up of Vice Presidents representing each of Sprint's business units. In 2012, DC meetings were held and focused educating the DC members on inclusion and diversity strategies and efforts. The DC, along with business unit working committees, worked to come up with specific business unit objectives to support the priorities of increasing human capital percentages for females and minorities and increasing supplier diversity spend. The objectives were approved by the DC and business units and work on the priorities begins in 2013. achieved
Distracted driving – Champion the issue of Distracted Driving as part of Sprint's overall Corporate Responsibility platform. Sprint proactively communicated to customers about the Sprint Drive First application through Sprint Zone News Features. Sprint also leveraged our NASCAR sponsorship to collect "do not text and drive" pledges at races and had drivers speak at local high school events to raise awareness of this issue among teens. Sprint continued our support of Do's national Thumb Wars campaign which featured a celebrity PSA with "Glee" star Harry Shum Jr. Approx. 220,000 teens signed up for the online campaign at and 60,000 pairs of thumb socks were mailed out. Teens that shared the thumb wars message with five of their friends were entered to win a $10K college scholarship. Lastly, Sprint launched a new and improved website at that included a consumer pledge, information on technological solutions available, and information on our sponsorships and partnerships. achieved
Privacy, safety and security – Work with external stakeholder groups to develop and launch a mobile internet-based advertising program that addresses consumer privacy concerns. Sprint was the first US Carrier, and among the first across industries, to launch an opt-in, mobile, interest-based advertising program premised on transparent data use, privacy choice, and delivering value to customers. The program design was assisted by input from privacy groups, including CDT and the Future of Privacy Forum, and was independently certified by TRUSTe. achieved