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Employee Survey

Sprint Employee Experience SurveySprint's Employee Survey provides detailed, dynamic data about employee satisfaction with many aspects of their employment with Sprint. The survey, which has roughly 100 questions, addresses multiple aspects of the employment relationship such as manager effectiveness, risk taking and employee perception of the Sprint brand. The survey provides detailed information on each of these key indicators which Sprint then addresses through a variety of projects and programs to improve the employment relationship. Sprint looks at Employee Commitment as the single overall measure of employee satisfaction..

The 2012 survey was conducted in August. A random sample of Sprint employees were invited to participate. Survey response rate was strong at 71%, and the results affirmed the improvements that were identified in 2011. Key findings of the 2012 survey indicate:

  • Engagement levels across Sprint are strong; employees are proud advocates of working at Sprint and strive to excel in their jobs.
  • Sprint employees strive to achieve results and work ethically at the same time.
  • Supervisor skills score high across the board. Employees feel a strong connection to their supervisors and credit them for excellent communication, decision making, and day-today management.
  • Employees want simplified processes, improved tools, and a continued focus on creating a great customer experience.
  • Sprint scored a .47 on Employee Commitment. This score was 11 points above benchmark score of .36 and demonstrates that overall employee satisfaction is well above our peers.

An excellent example of the way the Employee Survey has worked to benefit our employees, our company, and ultimately our customers is evident in the areas pertaining to the effectiveness of Sprint managers and leaders. We recognize that a positive relationship between an employee and a manager is critical to maintain employee satisfaction and performance. The Employee Survey has allowed us to target opportunities to strengthen this relationship across the company through programs that address work/life balance, performance management and management behaviors. As a result, scores from the questions relating to Sprint employees' perceptions of their managers are significantly above peer benchmark comparisons (+30%).