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Employee Communication Tools

Maintaining open and honest communication with our employees is a priority. Sprint offers numerous communication tools to keep its employees informed and engaged. Perhaps the most frequently used communication tool at Sprint is the employee intranet, called i-Connect. i-Connect is the one-stop web portal for employees to get access to all the information they need at Sprint. It provides daily news, access to our employee social media site (Sprint Space), employee tools, benefits information, organizational data, employee search functions and far more. In addition to i-Connect, Sprint uses other communication tools such as webcasts, newsletters, employee events and microsites. We even launched an employee Sprint ID pack for Android devices in early 2011. We have some specific communication tools for our Corporate Responsibility efforts as well, including a dedicated section of iConnect and a "green" web portal for employees. Here are some of the innovative employee-communication tools we use to keep our employees informed and engaged.

Sprint Space

Sprint Space is Sprint's internal blog forum, a company-hosted website where any employee can share his or her ideas and opinions and comment on the ideas and opinions of other employees. Employees post everything from informative customer experiences to tips for programming a new phone to information about Sprint benefit offerings to who they think the winning team will be in next week's football game.

Sprint Space brings the idea of "water cooler conversation" to the 21st Century, by allowing everyone to get in on the talk. Employees from all over the country and from many different business units, including front-line employees, are able to converse and discuss ideas -- something that would not be feasible without such a forum.

Sprint Space has proven to be an incredibly positive program for our company and our employees. It is highly self-managed, as employees have come together to assist and educate their peers. When an occasional incorrect piece of information is posted, Sprint Space users are quick to jump in and correct any misperceptions, allowing minimal involvement from site moderators.

Sprint Employee ID Pack

Sprint launched an innovative and exciting customer offering, Sprint ID, in September 2010. Sprint ID allows Sprint customers to customize their device with bundles of applications based on their specific interests. Some of the more popular ID Packs Sprint currently offers include Games, Entertainment, ESPN, and Green. Sprint also offers socially beneficial ID Packs such as Relay ID Pack for the hearing-impaired community and the Lo2Yo Latino ID Pack for the Hispanic community.

Knowing that employees serve a crucial customer-ambassador role and should benefit from the best of the company's service offerings, Sprint announced the Sprint Employee ID pack in April 2011. Employees with eligible Android devices can download the pack to get access to:

  • Employees Helping Customers : A mobile version of the popular internal tool that allows employees to submit a help ticket for a customer, right from a mobile device
  • Sprint News: The latest internal news from the company intranet
  • HR Tools: Links and info about employee benefits and perks, including 401(k), health and wellness benefits, and employee discounts
  • Sprint on YouTube: The latest videos direct from Sprint’s YouTube channel
  • Social Media: Real-time Sprint updates from Facebook and Twitter  

Green Employee Microsite

Sprint rolled out a new "green" microsite for all employees in April 2012. The purpose of the site is to provide a single location for employees to go to get information about Sprint's environmental efforts, how they can support those efforts, and how they can be more environmentally responsible at home. To launch the site, Sprint developed a compelling animated video that shared Sprint's long-term environmental goals, why they are important and what role employees play in meeting these commitments. The video was accompanied by an eco-quiz that employees could take to measure how well they understood our goals and whether or not the choices they were making were the most environmentally-friendly or not. Through the quiz, we learned that 92% of responding employees thought Sprint was very committed to sustainability and that 85% thought we could even do more. Approximately 15% of our employee base participated in the survey — quite good considering that over 60% of our employee base are retail or care employees.

The microsite is the result of a cross-functional effort between the many departments that support our green efforts in some way — Corporate Responsibility, Communications, Real Estate, IT, Environmental Health and Safety, Human Resources, and others. We provide quick access to recent green news for Sprint, our green "elevator" speech employees can use when sharing our green positions with others, fact sheets, links to Real Estate and Environmental Health and Safety content, recycling guidance, our Smart Commute program and guidance on the Five Green Things employees can do to support our environmental efforts.

Quarterly Employee Meetings

Sprint’s CEO, Dan Hesse, hosts a Quarterly All-Employee Meeting (QEM) shortly after Sprint’s quarterly earnings are released. These engaging and informative sessions provide an opportunity for employees to hear directly from CEO and other top executives and engage with them in a question-and-answer session. In a typical meeting, Hesse will discuss performance results against Sprint’s three priorities, ask other officers to present important topics that are relevant for the quarter, announce quarterly Elevator Speech Award winners for non-sales employees who "sell" Sprint, and directly respond to employee questions. The QEM can be seen and heard live via webcast or audio conference call, and employees on the headquarter campus in Overland Park, Kan., can attend in person.

Sprint employees have a chance to submit questions in advance of the QEM or live during the QEM. Employees who are unable to participate in the QEM at its scheduled time or those who want to watch portions of the QEM again can take advantage of QEM After the Show, an online one-stop shop for all QEM and quarterly performance results materials and resources. QEM After the Show allows employees to watch full replays or portions of the QEM and review QEM and quarterly results materials on their time, in a more accessible, simpler and faster way. This also allows frontline employees, who are often helping customers, to participate at a time that works best for them.

The employee response to QEMs has been excellent. We have a very high employee-participation rate, and employees consistently rate the QEMs as helpful to their understanding of the business and their role in achieving positive results for Sprint.

Leadership Development

Everyone is a leader at Sprint and we develop these skills through our Leadership Development Roadmaps that provide employees guidance by arranging leadership resources by job tier, mastery level and priority.

We target specific leadership development to all managers of people through our i-Lead communications strategy. The i-Lead strategy includes:

  • the i-Lead website that contains all leadership resources
  • a bi-weekly newsletter that is pushed to leaders via email
  • targeted webcasts that include interviews with Sprint leaders and external thought-leaders to reinforce key messages
  • Now Leader web site, a YouTube-like channel, containing videos and leader-led team development activities

By incorporating leadership into key business messages, we can ensure that our people managers are effective and a competitive advantage for Sprint.