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Ethics and Sprint's Code of Conduct

Sprint has continually been an innovator in the telecommunications industry, driven by a legacy of integrity, accountability and service. Acting with integrity is not just the right thing to do; it is the unwavering foundation of Sprint.

Sprint's Leading with Integrity program is the umbrella under which all ethics-related company programs fall. As the name implies, we expect our employees to act with integrity in all matters and to lead by example - regardless of level, position or job function. Sprint's Code of Conduct describes the ethical and legal responsibilities that are shared by the members of Sprint's Board of Directors, all employees of Sprint and anyone authorized to act on Sprint's behalf. The Code of Conduct helps ensure that our good intentions consistently take the form of appropriate actions. It clearly outlines the expected behaviors of Sprint employees, behaviors which fall directly in line with the Sprint Imperatives.


i-Complyi-Comply is an annual certification through which Sprint employees acknowledge their understanding and certify they will adhere to corporate policies and guidelines after engaging in training, browsing resources and reading a series of statements that explains Sprint's expectations. Over the past four years, Sprint employees have consistently achieved a 100 percent completion rate of i-Comply.

i-ComplyEthics Helpline

Sprint's Ethics Helpline is a 24-hour resource for employees and other stakeholders to confidentially and safely seek advice or report any suspected violations of the Code of Conduct like fraud, sexual harassment, discrimination or any illegal conduct in the workplace. The Ethics Helpline offers local and toll-free phone numbers, an online form, e-mail address, and a physical mailing address. This allows potential users to share their concerns in the manner most comfortable to them.

Calls to the Ethics Helpline are not traced or recorded. Reports may be made anonymously and information kept confidential. Sprint will not tolerate any form of retaliation against anyone who raises concerns in good faith or who aids in an investigation.

Of the matters that resulted in an investigation, in 2012, 46 percent related to Human Resources issues, 30 percent involved a claim of falsified records, 12 percent related to employee/company security, 10 percent involved apparent conflicts of interest, and 2 percent related to other matters.

i-ComplyAdditional resources

Along with the Ethics Helpline, Sprint has put in place a number of policies, programs and tools that both encourage and manage an ethical workplace environment. The foundation of the company's ethics approach includes the following codes, policies and certifications:

  • A strong Code of Conduct for employees
  • A strong Code of Supplier Conduct for consultants, contractors and suppliers
  • A Securities Law Compliance policy
  • A Supplier Travel and Expense policy
  • An Employee Travel and Expense policy, to ensure that company funds are used appropriately and effectively
  • A Gift, Entertainment and Travel policy that establishes standards for giving and receiving gifts, business entertainment and travel to and from contractors, suppliers, vendors, customers or any other third party
  • A comprehensive training program, including an Introduction to Code of Conduct course for new hires, fraud-management training for managers and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) training for appropriate employees
  • An annual Executive Disclosure and Certification process for directors and above to ensure full disclosure of any potential Code of Conduct violations not previously investigated and to ensure their teams are fully aware of and abiding by the Code of Conduct
  • An International Compliance Program that provides guidance, education and enforcement parameters for the company's international business activities
  • An Integrity Index, which consists of six integrity-based questions within Sprint's Employee Survey