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Engagement and Culture

People are the heart of Sprint’s competitive energy. Through accountability, open communications, innovation and risk-taking, our employees take responsibility for Sprint’s success. This inclusive, high-performance culture enables us to bring the best products and services to market backed by top-of-the-line support.

There are ten Imperatives that guide the Sprint culture:

  • Sprint Engagement and CultureDo it now
  • Delegate and empower
  • Be accountable
  • Focus on customers
  • Demonstrate teamwork and camaraderie
  • Compete like winners
  • Develop
  • Innovate
  • Act with integrity
  • Have fun

We recognize the fiercely competitive nature of our industry, and it takes an engaged, fiercely competitive spirit to rise to this challenge. By leading, modeling and expecting responsibility, creativity and candor, the Sprint workforce is the company's brightest promise for success. Employee engagement is fostered every day through interactions with co-workers, managers and senior executives. Specific efforts like the Employee Experience survey, our internal employee blog dubbed “Sprint Space,” and our Employees Helping Customers program provide forums for discussion and contribution.

Employee Experience Survey

Sprint Employee Experience SurveySprint’s Employee Experience Survey (EES) provides detailed, dynamic data about employee satisfaction with many aspects of their employment with Sprint. The survey, which has roughly 100 questions, is administered twice a year - once in the spring to all Sprint employees and again in the fall as a “pulse” survey to a random sample of approximately 20% of Sprint employees.

The most recent pulse survey, from September 2009, went out to more than 11,700 employees and received a strong response rate of approximately 66%. Key findings from this survey include:

  • Manager-quality indicators are well above comparisons to benchmark companies and remain competitive for Sprint
  • A notable improvement was seen in the area of risk-taking
  • Employee satisfaction with the external perception of Sprint’s reputation and product brand improved significantly, but this area still remains a key opportunity for growth

An excellent example of the way the EES has worked to the betterment of our employees, our company and ultimately our customers can be seen in the area of Manager Quality, which reflects an employee’s assessment of his or her supervisor. We recognize that a positive relationship between an employee and a manager is critical for the employee’s satisfaction and performance. The EES has allowed us to see opportunities to strengthen this relationship across the company through programs that address work/life balance, performance management and management quality. As a result, scores from the Manager Quality section of the EES have increased 30% over the last four years.

Sprint Space

Sprint Space is Sprint’s internal blog forum, a company-hosted Web site where any employee can share his or her ideas and opinions and comment on the ideas and opinions of other employees. Employees post everything from informative customer experiences to tips for programming a new phone to information about Sprint benefit offerings to their picks for the Super Bowl win.

Sprint Space brings the idea of “water cooler conversation” to the 21st Century, by allowing everyone to get in on the talk. Employees from all over the country and from many different business units, including front-line employees, are able to converse and discuss ideas - something that would not be feasible without such a forum.

Sprint Space has proven to be an incredibly positive program for our company and our employees. The online society is highly self-managed, as employees have come together to assist and educate their peers. When an occasional incorrect piece of information is posted, Sprint Space users are quick to jump in and correct any misperceptions, allowing minimal involvement from site moderators.

Sprint Space works hand-in-hand with the Sprint Imperatives, particularly:

  • Act with integrity
  • Focus on the customer
  • Have fun

Employees Helping Customers

Sprint has many front-line employees in retail stores and call centers who receive regular training to deal with customers and assist them with their issues. But there are many other Sprint employees who don’t necessarily work directly with customers on a day-to-day basis and still want that opportunity to help customers they may meet.

Employees Helping Customers is a resource that provides Sprint employees with an opportunity to be an instant advocate for the Sprint customers they meet outside of their normal work functions. These customers may be family, friends or acquaintances that have an issue they have not been able to get resolved through regular customer channels.

Employees Helping Customers allows these employees to get the customer prompt attention for many types of issues, including those related to handsets, billing and network coverage.

Work/life balance

Sprint recognizes the varying needs in our employees’ lives, and offers flexible policies to accommodate many of these individual needs, such as telecommuting, flex time, and support for service men and women.