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Third-Party Representation and Conflict Resolution

Sprint supports the right of employees to choose or not choose third-party representation. Because we treat our employees with fairness and respect, we can talk to each other, work together and have a positive environment. Our employees have chosen not to be represented by any labor union, and we are proud of that. There are many ways employees can bring problems to management's attention and get them resolved without having to go outside the organization or fearing retaliation.

We're committed to creating a productive work environment that promotes open communication among employees and allows them to seek resolution of job-related concerns within the company as quickly, fairly and informally as possible, without retaliation. Employees are encouraged to bring any work-related problems, disagreements, questions, recommendations or comments to the attention of their immediate manager, any other member of management in their functional chain of command, Human Resources or the Ethics Helpline. (For more information on the Ethics Helpline, click here.

Open Door Process and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Employees with concerns are encouraged to work directly with their managers through Sprint’s Open Door Process, which provides guidance on how to approach management with current and potential issues. The Open Door Process Guide is available for all employees and provides tips to assist an employee in preparing for an effective, formalized Open Door discussion.

If, after completing the Open Door Process, an employee is not satisfied with the resolution, he or she may use Sprint’s Alternative Dispute Resolution process, which takes the concern outside of the employee’s direct management chain. The Alternative Dispute Resolution program is designed for use when, in the opinion of the employee, he or she has been affected by an inappropriate or inconsistent application of company policy or practice that has not been successfully resolved through the Open Door process (or when Open Door is not available because the employee was terminated). When using the Alternative Dispute Resolution program, employees have the choice of being reviewed by a director outside of their organization or by a panel of manager- and individual-contributor-level employees, also outside of the employee’s organization. The Alternative Dispute Resolution process is binding, and Sprint implements the modifications or reversals suggested by the executive reviewer or review panel in a timely manner, generally such that issues brought into the process are resolved within 30 days. The program is facilitated by members of Sprint’s HR Employee Experience team, who are trained in the area of alternative dispute resolution.

While the Open Door Process has been used across Sprint for several years, the Alternative Dispute Resolution process was recently re-launched and expanded from a program used within only certain organizations to a program used companywide. The re-launch was the result of strong employee feedback from the smaller work groups that were already using the Alternative Dispute Resolution process as well as Sprint’s ongoing commitment to a positive and fair work environment.

Along with the re-launch came an open request for employees to participate as a member of a review panel. More than 300 employees volunteered for this opportunity to learn more about how and why decisions are made and make Sprint an even better place to work for their fellow employees. Here's what two employees had to say:

  • “I was impressed at how well the panel members communicated and respected each others’ opinions, regardless of whether you were a manager or not. It gave me a whole new appreciation for the customer experience, both internal and external.” -- comment from a Sprint employee who served on a five-member review panel
  • “The process was fair. Each side of the argument was presented and I was able to ask questions and weigh the facts presented to determine if what had been done was appropriate. ... I learned a lot from the experience.” -- comment from a Sprint employee who served as an independent reviewer

The Open Door and Alternative Dispute Resolution processes are actively used within our company, and employees appreciate the opportunity to have management decisions reviewed as well as the opportunity to participate as an individual reviewer or panelist. More than just successfully resolving individual concerns, these programs provide ongoing intrinsic value to our company, our employees and our employee/manager relationships. Knowing that decisions can be subject to review helps ensure that all managers broadly consider the crucial impact their actions have on employees, thereby enhancing the decision-making process and ensuring all decisions are well-considered. Ultimately, the success of these programs lies in their ability to make our workforce fairer and more self-regulating.

The Open Door Process is available for all employees, and the Alternative Dispute Resolution process is available for all employees below the director level.

Employee Experience Survey

Sprint regularly conducts an Employee Experience Survey which measures a variety of indices, including an employee’s satisfaction with company benefits, pay, culture, job engagement and his or her direct supervisor.

More information about the Employee Experience Survey can be found here.