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Sustainable Device and Packaging Efforts

When we conducted our first Corporate Responsibility materiality assessment in 2007, two opportunities were clear: making our wireless devices more environmentally responsible and reducing the environmental impact of our packaging. Our assessment showed that both of these areas were important to our stakeholders and could have a substantial impact on our business. Our devices, and to some extent the packaging they come in, are the most tangible interaction we have with our customers – the physical representation of the service we provide to them. To the extent we can improve the environmental responsibility of these devices and provide customers with tools they can use to reduce their environmental footprint, Sprint's net environmental impact will be substantially reduced.

In this section of the Corporate Responsibility website, you will learn about Sprint's vision for sustainable device development and management, efforts to create and support the development of a standard for more environmentally responsible wireless phones, our evolution in creating more sustainable packaging, and our promotion of environmentally preferred accessories.