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Less is more.

Sprint's commitment to sustainable packaging

Since 2009, Sprint has been a leader in our industry's efforts to create more sustainable packaging. That was the year we took the bold step to remove petroleum-based inks, non-recyclable plastics, and cardboard made from virgin forest products.

Though any single package may not seem like it can have an impact on the health of our planet, when you look at the footprint of Sprint"s entire product line, the effect is huge.

The evolution of greener packaging

Recent advances in technology aren't just improving our products; they're helping us shrink our packaging footprint and making it possible for us to choose more eco-friendly materials.

Making these thoughtful design and production choices means we have significantly reduced the environmental impact of Sprint's packaging.

To quantify the impact of our efforts, we worked with expert consultants to conduct Life Cycle Analyses (LCA) of both device and accessories packaging. We studied three generations of packaging for each category going back to 2009 to provide a comprehensive evaluation of their environmental impact from raw materials to use and disposal.

Small changes make a world of difference

Device packaging

Today, all Sprint phone packaging is 100% recyclable. Our boxes are made from unbleached kraft paper with 30% minimum post-consumer content and feature soy inks, eco-friendly adhesives, and aqueous coatings. By "right sizing," we make sure our packaging is only as big as it needs to be to protect the device.

Since 2009, we have:

  • Reduced the overall environmental impact of our device packaging by 55%.
  • Reduced packaging volume by 60% and weight by 50%, which means we use less ink on our packages and fewer planes and trucks (and less fuel) to get our products to customers.
  • Reduced product literature weight by 70% by shifting more detailed information guides to a device- or online-based format.

Accessories packaging

We have completely eliminated PVC (poly vinyl chloride) and replaced it with 100% recycled PET 1 plastic. As with our devices, the packaging is 100% recyclable, features unbleached paperboard made of 100% recycled content, and is "right sized" to ensure we're reducing waste and emissions.

Since 2009, we have:

  • Reduced water withdrawal by at least 67%.
  • Reduced climate change by at least 33%.
  • Reduced non-renewable energy by at least 33%.

Prepaid Packaging

We've worked to make our Virgin Mobile USA and Boost Mobile packaging more environmentally responsible and accessible. The new design eliminates the outer plastic clamshell and replaces it with paperboard, and the inner clam shell is now made of RPET, 100% recycled plastic that's fully recyclable. Overall, the new packaging uses 50% less plastic than the previous design, and the in-box printed materials were streamlined to reduce the paper waste.

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