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Eco-friendly Accessories

Sprint has a line of eco-accessories that includes chargers and device cases for consumers seeking eco-friendly wireless accessories. Sprint's growing line of “green” phone accessories is available both online at and in Sprint’s dedicated green sections at approximately 1,000 company-owned retail locations.

Sprint’s eco-charger options include the All-In-One Vehicle and Wall Charger and the SOLIO Mono Hybrid Charger. The All-In-One charger offers users the benefit of being an all-in-one car and home/office charger. It also features an inline USB port that allows two devices to be charged simultaneously and operates within Energy Star guidelines. The SOLIO Mono Hybrid Charger allows mobile-phone users to charge their device from the sun or electrical socket allowing customers to recharge their mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

Eco-Friendly Carry Solutions

Sprint’s carrying-case solutions include two from Nite Ize, made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles, two universal cases made from cotton and linen, and a carry solution by Samsung for Samsung Reclaim.

Device-Specific Accessories

LG Remarq – The LG Remarq was our first device to be offered with an optional EcoClear cover made from 100% Naturacell™, a natural renewable wood pulp-based material that is non-toxic and phthalates-free.

Samsung Replenish – The Samsung Replenish has two customized accessories for the eco-conscious consumer. The first is an optional solar-battery cover panel, the first of its kind in the U.S. wireless market. The panel replaces the standard battery cover that comes with the phone and snaps into place. The solar-battery cover charger is not intended as primary power for the device, but rather to supplement power as needed or in situations where a customer doesn't have access to the electric grid or other power sources. The solar panel is capable of providing 20 minutes of talk time with one hour of direct sunlight. A sun icon appears on the top bar of the Samsung Replenish screen when the phone is receiving a charge through the sun. The second custom accessory for the Replenish is an EcoClear cover made from 100% Naturacell, similar to the one created for the LG Remarq.