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Sprint's Commitment to Privacy, Safety and Security

As we bring the freedom of mobility to millions of customers, Sprint is committed to operating in a socially responsible manner. These responsibilities include protecting our customer's privacy, providing them solutions to keep them (and their data) safe and secure, transparently answering questions about radio frequency emissions, and sharing our employee commitment to operate in an ethical manner.

By addressing the important topics of privacy, safety and security through transparency, education and technology, we're demonstrating how doing the right thing produces shared value — allowing you to better enjoy and trust the services we provide — and maintaining a rich dialogue with our customers, which allows us to develop products and services that better meet the changing needs of a complex mobile environment.

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Recognizing the importance of privacy, safety and security, Sprint launched in 2011 the Mobile Security Council, which enables industry-wide discussion on the protection, safety and security needs of customers. This is one of our most important data sources as we look to develop new solutions for these challenging problems.