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Employee Commitment

"Having a reputation as a trustworthy and ethical corporation among customers, investors, employees and within communities in which we serve and live is necessary to maintain a positive brand perception."
— Dan Hesse, Chief Executive Officer, Sprint

Sprint enforces a Code of Conduct which is applicable to all employees of Sprint and Sprint's controlled subsidiaries, Sprint's Board of Directors, and anyone else who is authorized to act on Sprint's behalf. This Code is the basic foundation for Sprint's ethics, and is how these philosophies are communicated to employees, customers, stakeholders and communities. A portion of our Code of Conduct specifically relates to compliance — Sprint complies with all U.S. laws related to privacy, safety and security.

Code of ConductSprint Imperatives

The Code of Conduct is further defined by the Sprint Imperatives. These Imperatives define our cultural value here at Sprint. We lead with integrity by embodying these Sprint imperatives and conducting ourselves in accordance with the highest ethical standards. Maintaining our integrity makes Sprint a place where we are all proud to work.