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Consumer Solutions

Sprint makes it easy to keep your personal information safe

Solutions for our customers...

Perhaps the most important challenge we face is ensuring customer safety, including their personal data, as they take advantage of the benefits that come with mobile technology. The areas of greatest concern for our customers include texting while driving, managing web content and account settings, and protecting their wireless devices from theft or damage. Our goal is to enable customers to feel safe and confident while they experience the amazing benefits of their Sprint devices.

Keeping You Safe on the Road

Texting while driving can kill. Sprint is committed to educating its customers on the importance of safe driving and has developed several solutions that help customers stay safe on the road.

Wireless devices have become increasingly popular. With their increased use, the risk of distracted driving has also risen. Sprint takes this issue seriously, and recognizes the risk customers' face when driving distracted.

  • Drive First: Sprint's Drive First application automatically locks your mobile phone when your vehicle reaches 10 mph. It sends calls to voice mail, silences distracting alerts, and provides a customizable reply for text messages, such as "I am driving right now and will call you back when I'm parked." Drive First is available separately or as part of a bundle of applications known as Sprint Guardian.
  • DriveCam: With this solution, if an individual is driving dangerously, the g-forces from the car initiate the recording of a video camera. This camera records the dangerous action and notifies the driver's parents or fleet manager.
  • Chrysler Group's UConnect Access: Sprint is the mobile integrator for Chrysler Group's UConnect Access connected car experience. Sprint-enabled UConnect Access services that support driver focus or provide driver assistance include Voice Texting, voice-activated local search services, one-touch 9-1-1 calling, roadside assistance, stolen vehicle assistance and theft alarm notification.
  • Hands-Free Accessories: Sprint offers a variety of accessories in retail stores and online to help drivers stay safe while driving.

Putting You in Control of Content

With access across so many devices to the Internet, many of you are concerned about controlling your account capabilities and the content to which you and your family members have access. Sprint has developed several helpful solutions:

  • Account Controls: My Sprint account puts customers in control of managing their Sprint accounts. It allows users to block or allow settings, texts, data usage, and picture and web sharing. My Sprint account also lets customers restrict access to different sites, and manage their own wireless settings. Where other wireless companies charge their customers, Sprint gives its customers access to these controls for free.
  • SMS and Mobile Ad Controls : Sprint offers customers the opportunity to stop unsolicited text messages by blocking messages from specific senders. Using the Mobile Privacy tool in My Sprint account, customers actually have the ability to tailor the ads that come up on their smartphone.

Protecting Your Wireless Device

We frequently hear from wireless customers about protecting their wireless device. Whether the concern centers on lost, damaged or stolen devices, we have solutions that can help.

  • Total Equipment Protection : In instances where a phone is lost or stolen, Sprint offers tools that allow customers to alarm, locate, lock, or wipe the mobile device. With these same tools, Sprint makes it easier for customers to file claims.
  • Lookout Mobile Security : The Lookout Mobile Security application is preloaded on all Sprint Android-powered devices starting May 2013. The app enables Sprint customers to manage their phone security by protecting against identity theft and fraud, find a missing device when it is lost or stolen, and back up their precious data.
  • Assurant Advanced Protection Pack : Customers not only worry about backing up their mobile phone, but they also want security for their netbook, notebook, or tablet. Here at Sprint, customers can get device protection plans that protect, secure, and back up other devices, including convenient trouble shooting advice and virus protection.

Tools for Parents and Guardians

Sprint Guardian: Sprint offers a collection of mobile family safety and device security bundles that help parents ensure the responsible use of mobile phones by their children. Sprint Guardian is made up of two bundles --Family Safety Essentials (three applications: Sprint Mobile Controls, Sprint Drive First, and Sprint Family Locator) and Lookout Family Mobile Security.

  • Sprint Mobile Controls : Sprint Mobile Controls, allows parents and guardians to guide how their family calls and texts. Parents can set a child's phone to lock while they are at school, driving, or after bedtime, gain insight into who they are texting and how often, and allows individuals to lock a teen's phone on demand during dinner or family time. Other features include receiving insightful alerts about a child's phone use, ability to view apps downloaded onto their mobile device, ability to explore the child's phone book, and an anytime contact feature which allows the guardian to contact the child even when the phone is on lock.
  • Sprint Drive First : This application automatically activates when the phone is in motion, and prevents texts, calls, emails, and other potential distractions. Additional features include an autoreply service which will send programmed autoreplies to incoming texts, allowed contacts which designate certain phone numbers that will never be blocked, allowed applications which can be used when the phone is in motion, and custom notifications.
  • Sprint Family Locator : This feature gives families the ability to locate their children using real-time locations and an interactive satellite map. Additional features include automatically checking to make sure children have arrived home safely by sending notifications if they are not there.

Educate and Empower: Tools for Internet Safety

With the growing number of social media and Internet users, Sprint understands there are risks associated with navigating an expansive online world. As a result, Sprint has developed unique Internet safety tools and partnerships to provide resources to keep customers and their families safe online.

Statistics from Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Tech Media Network

4Net Safety: This resource launched by Sprint offers tools and tips related to online safety, cyber bullying, gaming, online predators, privacy, sexting, social networking, and web cams. The content offered by 4Net Safety is aimed at teens and tweens, parents, guardians, and educators. All content is available free of charge, and users do not need to be Sprint customers to access the site.

To develop these free resources, Sprint partnered with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC), Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), and the Family Online Safety Institute.

More information on 4Net Safety and our partnerships can be found at

National Safe Place: Sprint proudly supports this youth-outreach program that makes it easier for young people in crisis to get help. In addition to Safe Place locations, Sprint supports the Txt4Help program which uses technology to quickly offer teens information about the closest location where they can find immediate help and safety. Teens can text the word SAFE and their current location (address/city/state) to 69866. They will receive a text back with the address of the nearest Safe Place site and contact number for the local youth shelter. Within that same message they will receive a prompt that says, "reply with 2CHAT for more help." Once they reply, you'll be connected with a professional for more help.