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Business Solutions

Sprint offers cutting edge safety and security solutions for your growing business.

Business Solutions

Sprint understands the importance of keeping your information and employees safe, so we offer a suite of managed and professional solutions to help you simplify management and security across an increasingly complex mix of devices in the workplace. We offer tools that help protect your fleet on the road, solutions that help protect your information and data, and innovative technology that supports your evolving business.

Tools to Protect Your Fleet

For many businesses, their fleet is their lifeblood. Drivers deliver product, drive inventory levels, and can make or break customer relationships. Sprint has been a leader in fleet management, enabling its customers to harness the power of mobile solutions to cut transportation and inventory costs, reduce businesses environmental footprint, and keep their drivers safer on the road.

  • DriveCam : If an individual is driving dangerously, the g-forces from the car initiate the recording of a video camera. This camera records the dangerous action and notifies the driver's parents or fleet manager.
  • Usage-Based Insurance (UBI ): This integrated service launched by Sprint, gives insurance companies the ability to offer customers personalized discounts based on their driving habits. The behavior of the driver and vehicle information is captured by a small device that plugs into the diagnostic port of the car. A cloud-based system analyzes the data received by the device, and the data is translated into a score that enables insurance carriers to assess the driver's risk, and provides policyholders with accurate and reliable data analytics.
  • Hands-Free Accessories : Sprint offers a variety of accessories in retail stores and online to help drivers stay safe while driving.
  • FleetSafer: promotes the responsible use of Android™ and BlackBerry® smartphones. Sprint works with Aegis Mobility to help commercial fleet operators promote safe, legal and responsible use of mobile devices. FleetSafer is the first solution to help ensure compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules requiring mobile phone calls made by interstate truck and bus drivers to be both "one-touch" and hands-free. The application ensures that smartphones, tablets, and select feature phones conform to the organization's safety policies and best practices regarding texting, emailing or communicating while driving.
  • Sprint Connected Fleet Solutions: allow managers to capture all the information they need to know about the location of their vehicles and other valuable assets, where they have been, and how they have been performing. For more information on Fleet Solutions please visit:

Data Management Solutions

Sprint also offers a portfolio of data management solutions. Whether your need is secure cloud computing, hosted email, managed hosting and co-location services, or managed security, Sprint can help. Contact your Sprint account representative for more details on how we can help your specific business challenge.

Sprint's Emerging Solutions Group has helped coordinate opportunities for developers and business partners to power their innovative M2M products on the Sprint network.

  • Sprint Device Management : Delivers robust mobile device security and management capabilities across multiple carriers and operating systems with industry leading companies such as AirWatch and Zenprise. These Sprint-billed solutions benefit businesses that have device security and management requirements that go beyond the standard "out of the box" capabilities provided by basic operating system and application solutions.
  • Sprint Professional Grade : Sprint understands that many businesses also depend on the inherent security capabilities in the devices they select. Sprint has collaborated with mobile device OEMs and application providers to create the new Sprint Professional Grade designation for select smartphones that offer robust "out of the box" security, device management and Exchange Active Sync capabilities available.
    • Exchange Active Sync (EAS) – Staying in touch and having the flexibility to securely collaborate from a mobile device is a critical need in today's fast paced business environment. Sprint Professional Grade devices have password policy support, calendar functions, remote wipe and other advanced EAS policies.
    • Mobile Device Management – With the variety of devices and operating systems, it is more important than ever for businesses to be able to closely manage devices in terms of Administrator sync settings, alerts for non-compliance, security management, software application or distribution or hardware controls/hardware configuration. Device management applications from industry-leading companies such as AirWatch and Zenprise are pre-certified on Sprint Professional Grade devices.
    • Security, VPN and Encryption – Businesses have a lot at stake in the battle to keep sensitive information secure. With Sprint Professional Grade devices, they can get the features and capabilities needed to help keep critical data safe, including encryption for data at rest and VPN support for remote connectivity.
  • Total Equipment Protection : In instances where a phone is lost or stolen, Sprint offers tools that allow customers to alarm, locate, lock, or wipe the mobile device. With these same tools, Sprint makes it easier for customers to file claims.

Sprint's Next Generation Technology

Sprint is at the forefront of the machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless industry revolution, teaming with and supporting a large and diverse portfolio of innovative companies to create smarter wireless solutions that change the way people work and live. Sprint's Emerging Solutions Group provides a framework to power innovative M2M products on the Sprint network, establishing endless opportunities for you and your business.

CheckVideo: by Cernium, uses Sprint's network to monitor and secure safe water for residents of South Carolina.

VendScreen: delivers nutritional data and advertising to displays mounted on vending machines while collecting real-time, point-of-sale data. This M2M technology allows consumers to view nutritional data, while also helping companies comply with new calorie disclosure laws.

To learn more about Sprint's M2M offerings, visit

Available Applications

Click here for a complete list of cloud, IT & security resources.

Please visit Sprint’s website for a full list of applications specific to safety and driving, and surveillance and security.


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North American Customer Value Enhancement of the Year Award in the machine-to-machine (M2M) Communications market—Frost & Sullivan, November 2012

Sprint Guardian: Best of CTIA Wireless 2012—Best Mobile Security Service—LAPTOP Magazine, May 2012

For a complete list of Sprint's awards and recognitions, please go to: