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RF Emissions from Wireless Telecommunications Facilities

The United States Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) has guidelines in place for the maximum permissible exposure (“MPE”) allowable to the general public from the radiofrequency (“RF”) emissions of wireless telecommunications facilities. The FCC’s guidelines are based on the recommendations of industry expert organizations. The MPE limit contained in the guidelines is much more conservative than the RF emissions levels normally encountered at the base of an antenna tower or within the vicinity of other low–powered transmitters. Ground level exposure is much lower than the exposure that would be encountered if an individual were very close to the antenna or directly in front of its main transmission beam. To be exposed to RF emissions levels approaching the FCC’s maximum permitted amounts, an individual would have to remain within the transmitting beam and within a few feet of the antenna for several minutes or longer. As a result, the FCC has concluded that the possibility that a member of the general public would encounter RF levels in excess of the FCC’s guidelines is extremely remote.

When antennas are mounted on a rooftop, antennas are normally transmitting at a lower level of power than antennas located on towers. However, RF emissions will be higher on the rooftop itself. Again, it is unlikely that RF levels in excess of the MPE limits would be encountered unless an individual were standing very close to or directly in front of the antennas.

The FCC requires all wireless telecommunications carriers and equipment manufacturers to comply with the FCC’s rules and regulations regarding RF emissions and equipment authorization. The FCC has broad enforcement authority, which includes substantial fines and forfeitures. Sprint designs, constructs and operates its wireless telecommunications facilities in accordance with the FCC rules and regulations related to RF emissions and requires that its equipment manufacturers also be in compliance with these rules and regulations.

For more information regarding the FCC’s rules and regulations related to RF safety, visit: FCC – RF Safety.