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Grant Guidelines

The Sprint Foundation receives many requests every year to fund worthy organizations across the country. We are unfortunately unable to approve all of these requests, so we have worked to establish funding criteria based on our philanthropic and geographic focus areas. Please review the information on this page closely. If your organization meets our criteria, we encourage you to submit a grant application through the link at the bottom of this page.

Philanthropic focus areas

The Sprint Foundation’s funding priorities are:

The Sprint Foundation is committed to supporting urban K–12 education and has a particular focus on character–education initiatives for this important age range.
Arts and culture
The Sprint Foundation supports visual– and performing–arts organizations, theatres, symphonies, museums, and other cultural organizations and activities that contribute to a thriving and diverse community.
Youth development
The Sprint Foundation supports mentoring programs, leadership initiatives, social skills, volunteerism, and programs that support business and economic education for youth. We support programs like Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Camp Fire, and Boys and Girls Clubs. Additional information regarding ineligible organizations can be found in the Ineligible Request section below.
Community development
Sprint and the Sprint Foundation support regional initiatives that contribute to a strong civic infrastructure and a vibrant, healthy community.

Geographic focus areas

Sprint’s largest concentration of employees is at its world headquarters site in Overland Park, Kan., a suburb of Kansas City. As such, the majority of Sprint Foundation community–specific grants provide support within the Kansas City area.

In addition, the Sprint Local Giving Program provides Sprint Foundation grants for Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver and New York City.

Grants for communities outside of these markets are directed through the employee Matching Gift Program and select national programs.


The Sprint Foundation, as a matter of policy, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, religion, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, or physical disability.

To be eligible for funding consideration from the Sprint Foundation, organizations submitting grants must:

    • Be a non–profit tax–exempt organization under Section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue code (unless a public school or library)
    • Focus on at least one of the Sprint Foundation’s funding priorities (education, arts and culture, youth development, or community development)
    • Support either (1) a national program; (2) a local program focused in the company’s key employee community Kansas City; or (3) a program based in Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver or New York City through the Sprint Local Giving Program.
    • Comply with applicable laws regarding registration and reporting
    • Have financial reports available for independent outside audit and all potential contributors

Ineligible Requests

The Sprint Foundation is unable to fund requests for the following groups or programs:

    • Individuals
    • Political organizations (including lobbying organizations or causes, candidates, organizations or campaign fundraisers, )
    • Private charities or foundations
    • Organizations not exempt under Section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code
    • Organizations that advocate religious beliefs or restrict participation on the basis of religion
    • Requests to support travel, conference or seminar costs
    • Film, music, TV, video, radio, broadcast and media–production projects
    • International organizations or individuals or organizations based in the United States that support international organizations.
    • School-affiliated teams, including sports, bands/choirs or events
    • Marketing, sports, event sponsorships (these are handled through the Sprint Sponsorships organization, which can be reached via
    • Endowments, capital campaigns, memorial, construction and renovation projects

To submit a grant request, please click here.