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The RE*Generation

Virgin Mobile USA, a Sprint brand, has a strong commitment to helping homeless youth in the United States. Its program, The RE*Generation, is an effort to empower the younger generation to create awareness of and volunteerism for youth homelessness. In recognition of its work to raise awareness about youth homelessness through The RE*Generation, Virgin Mobile USA, and its partner, Virgin Unite, were honored with the National Alliance to End Homelessness' 2010 Private Sector Award.

We encourage you to visit The RE*Generation site and get involved — through donating, volunteering, and even text messaging and downloading. With The RE*Generation, one person really can make a difference. While we have made significant strides in raising awareness, fundraising and encouraging volunteer support, there are more homeless young people who need our help.

Since its inception in 2006, The RE*Generation program can list many accomplishments:

  • Contributing to over $1 million in matched funding for Youthnoise, with more than 10 million young people reached and more than 300,000 people taking action
  • Through customer donations and help from our partners, over $7 million in cash, volunteered time, and in-kind donations have been invested in building The RE*Generation
  • Over 200,000 items of clothing have been donated through our Txt2Clothe and Blank2Clothe programs
  • Since 2009, an outpouring of customer support for the Virgin mobile FreeFest has resulted in:
  • 75,000 hours of community service being donated to homeless youth
  • $500,000 raised for homeless youth charities
  • Nearly 25,000 outreach kits created for homeless kids on the street
  • 1,000 pairs of shoes were donated by Converse to youth homelessness

In 2007, Virgin Mobile USA successfully lobbied Congress to officially designate November as "National Homeless Youth Awareness Month" here in the U.S.