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National Safe Place

Sprint is proud to support National Safe Place, a youth-outreach program that makes it easy for young people in crisis to get help. Safe Place locations extend the doors of the youth-shelter agency and made it easier for kids to get help in their own neighborhoods. Over 111,000 youth nationwide have turned to Safe Place locations for help.

In 2010 and 2011, Sprint continued its support of National Safe Place by providing $75,000 of Sprint Foundation funding to support the Txt4Help program. Txt4Help uses technology to quickly offer teens information about the closest location where they can get immediate help and safety. Youth in crisis can use any carrier's mobile phone to text the word SAFE and their current location to 69866; they will promptly receive an address of the nearest Safe Place site and a contact number for the local youth shelter. In cities that don't have a Safe Place program, the young people will receive the name and number of their local youth shelter or, if there is no local shelter, a national hotline number for additional assistance.