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Political Contributions

Government policies and regulation have a significant impact on Sprint's business. It is important that Sprint be able to advocate effectively for public policies that support our ability to compete fairly in the marketplace and to support candidates who share our public policy views.

In the past few years, our stakeholders have requested greater disclosure regarding Sprint's contributions to political candidates and the process and oversight used in connection with such contributions. To that end, we now publicly report annually the contributions to state candidates and candidate committees made by Sprint.

Federal laws forbid the use of corporate funds for candidates campaigning for federal office. Sprint makes political contributions to candidates for state offices where permitted by law. All contributions made by Sprint must be approved in advance by the Sprint Government Affairs group, which is a part of the Legal Department. On an annual basis, we report our corporate contributions to the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee.

Please click here for Sprint's 2012 Report on Corporate Political Contributions.