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Sprint Project ConnectSM

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Program Management and Operations

charter barchartSprint Project ConnectSM is a wireless reuse and recycling program that helps to prevent millions of phones from going to landfills. The program is free for anyone who has wireless phones, batteries, accessories or data cards to recycle, regardless of the carrier or condition. The program’s net proceeds are used to support Internet safety for kids.

Sprint Project Connect is managed by Sprint’s Corporate Social Responsibility team. Wireless equipment received through the program is evaluated to determine its condition. Functional equipment with market value is sold for reuse. Nonfunctional or obsolete equipment is sold to recycling facilities for materials reclamation. All recycling for Sprint Project Connect is conducted in facilities that are ISO 14001-certified and operated in OECD (developed) countries, and in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local regulations.

Helping the Environment and Keeping Kids Safer Online

The primary purpose of Sprint Project Connect is to keep phones out of landfills. We do this by offering free recycling to anyone with wireless devices or accessories, and try to make the program as accessible as possible. Our operational practices ensure a high degree of environmental integrity end-to-end. We promote the program as needed to ensure awareness and participation. All ‘net proceeds’, total revenue minus program operating and promotional expenses, support our secondary purpose – keeping kids safer online through Sprint’s 4NetSafety program. Currently, Sprint is partnering with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, the National Education Association Health Information Network, and the Family Online Safety Institute to provide free tools, resources and information to help kids make safer and more informed decisions online. For more details, visit the 4NetSafety web site.

2010 Results

In 2010 Sprint Project Connect generated nearly $2 million to support Internet safety for kids. Program expenses are broken out below as a percent of the program's annual revenue in 2010:

Net Proceeds 44.1%:
- 43.7% Funds raised for charitable partners
- 0.4% Promotion of 4NetSafety's free resources

Operating Expenses 41.3%:
23.0% Vendor fees for reuse and recycling
- 18.3% Postage on collected equipment

Promotional Expenses 14.6%:
14.0% Envelope production and freight
- 0.6% Promotion of program and its benefits