The Sprint Unlimited FramilySM Plan

  • Unlimited data, talk & text while on the Sprint network.
  • Flexible data options! Each Framily member can choose Unlimited data, 1 GB or 3 GB.
  • Separate bills by account
  • No annual service contracts or early termination fees
  • No credit check options

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**After $30 group discount (7-10 lines) applied w/i 2 invoices.
Other monthly charges apply.**
Prohibited network use and other restrictions apply. See below.

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Get max savings with 7-10 Framily members.

Number of members

Unlimited talk & text + 1GB data for each line

Guaranteed unlimited
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More lines, more savings for everyone.

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Pick monthly data for each line separately.

Phone Line Plans

Discount is applied within 2 invoices. Excludes taxes & surcharges. See below.**

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No credit check

No credit, no worries

We've done away with credit checks when you purchase a Sprint-certified pre-owned device or bring your own. Shop now


Bring your own phone

Already have a Sprint phone you love? It can join your Framily, too.

Savings starts here.
Sprint customers can’t join an existing Framily, but most
can start their own by changing plans.
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    Discounts is applied within 2 invoices.
    Pricing may differ in select areas with special trial offers. 
    Excludes taxes & surcharges. See below.***

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    of 10


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This is Framily

  • Chart

    Unlimited talk, text and 1GB
    of data
    each, while on the
    Sprint network

  • Friends

    Up to 10 Framily members
    on one Framily ID

  • $25 per line

    A montly payment as low as
    $25 per line

  • separate Bills

    Separate bills, no annual
    service contracts, no early
    termination fees

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