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Apps for Smartphones

For Android™ devices, there are a variety of applications that provide enhanced accessibility. Sprint suggests users visit Google Play™ to learn more about the Eyes-Free Project from Google and check out these other applications available on Google Play:

  • TalkBack by Google: a screen reader that provides spoken feedback when using native Android applications
  • Accessibility Preferences by Eyes-Free Project
  • Talking Compass by Eyes-Free Project
  • Preference settings for accessibility applications such as TalkBack

Wireless Accessibility highlights:

  • Touch navigation: Users can simply move their finger around the screen and voice synthesis will read the text below their finger. Swipe up/down/right/left and tap the screen to navigate through the interface, using optional sound and vibration feedback.
  • Easy text input: Use the touch QWERTY keyboard or speech recognition to write text quickly and easily – making it possible to write a text message or email using only your voice.
  • Voice synthesis: Provides natural sounding voice read-back.

Sprint ID Packs: An updated accessibility-themed Sprint ID pack, developed by Apps4Android, bundles applications designed to accommodate the accessibility needs of people who are unable to read standard printed material, including on their smartphone, because of blindness, visual disability, physical limitations, organic dysfunction or dyslexia. For more information about the Accessibility ID pack, visit our newsroom.