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Call 800.827.6908 now to get in on this great offer*. With no special lines or equipment required, Sprint Toll-Free service is a perfect way you can increase a customer base without increasing overhead. You'll save with competitive domestic rates and get outstanding quality service with the Sprint 100% digital network all while combining your local toll service with long-distance on one, easy-to-read monthly bill. And switching to Sprint toll-free service is easy and convenient. You can even keep your current toll-free numbers.

Let your customers reach you at their convenience-not at their expense.
Sprint Toll-Free service can help businesses with:

  • Increased Response:
    800 numbers can increase the response and sales of any given promotion.

  • Higher Performance:
    An advertisement including a toll-free number can increase response and can out perform similar ads without toll-free numbers.

  • Added Credibility:
    Toll-free numbers add credibility and cultivate more positive customer orientation.

  • Valuable Impact:
    Customized, or 'Vanity' numbers, make invaluable impressions on a consumer's memory.

  • Lower Cost:
    Toll-free numbers are excellent ways of curbing the rising cost of corporate telecommunications.

  • Repeat Customers:
    Positive toll-free experiences encourage repeat customers.

  • Loyalty:
    Handling customer needs quickly and easily through toll-free access promotes continued customer loyalty.

  • New Customers:
    Allowing potential customers to interact directly with representatives of your organization helps expand your customer base.

  • Increased Portability:
    Toll-free numbers give you the ability to move and take your phone number wherever you go.

* Free toll-free minutes awarded on 2nd, 4th, 6th invoices (based on interstate per-minute rate and 100-minute increments). New toll-free service only. Excludes taxes, fees, and surcharges. Unused minutes do not carry over to the next month. Offer ends 12/31/02. Operator-assisted calls and toll-free/calling card calls made from payphones in the U.S. will be assessed a surcharge. U.S. businesses only. For Sprint business customers for commercial use only. All rates subject to change. Restrictions apply - see rates, terms, and conditions at sprintbiz.com. Copyright © Sprint 2002. All rights reserved.

+One book per account. Sprint is not responsible for lost or stolen book. Book will be shipped 6-8 weeks after account is installed. Promotion subject to change or cancellation without notice. Offer ends 12/31/02.