Sprint Benefits Information

Welcome to Sprint!  Our mission is to "Build a sustainable culture focused on total employee well-being". Below you will find helpful information on many Sprint Benefit programs.  Be sure to check out Sprint's New Employee Web Site and other Benefit information found on i-Connect for specific details on new hire benefits and enrollment deadlines and requirements.

Don't forget that you, as a new hire/rehire:

  • Must complete your benefits enrollment to make or waive elections by the 30th consecutive calendar day after your date of hire otherwise, you will receive Sprint default benefits as outlined in the Benefits Guide. 
  • Your benefits are effective on the 30th consecutive calendar day after your date of hire (except for Supplemental LTD, which is effective as of the first calendar day in which you are actively at work immediately after you complete 12 months of employment)
  • If you enroll in the discounted medical plan, you must complete the Sprint Alive! health assessment within 90 calendar days of hire, see below for specific details on Sprint's Healthy Living Discount criteria.

Please Note: If you are a rehire within 31 calendar days of your previous termination date, your benefits will be automatically reinstated (except for health care flexible spending accounts).  All other rehires will have the 31 calendar day waiting period.